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Designer Liang Jianguo: The era of jade decoration is here!

The world-renowned architectural designer. The winner of the third-time international architecture “Oscar” Andrew Martin Award has spent eight years devoted himself to a series of renovation projects of the Forbidden City. His representative works include the Beijing Olympics project Beihu No. 9 Club, Beijing Forbidden City, Forbidden Books, and other large-scale projects. Executive President and Creative Director of Beijing Jimei Group.

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The beauty of onyx jade carvings is overturned

“The Analects of Confucius” has “Quality wins the literature, then the wild, the literature wins the quality, the history. The gentleman, then the gentleman.” The human form is transformed into a cabbage, gentle and independent, simple and affectionate. Good product. Author: Zhou Ajian, Master of Arts and Crafts of Jiangsu Province. Russian jasper.

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Classic stone use-Pink Crystal bathtub

Pink Crystal stone, pink crystal, stitched along the delicate lines, natural, harmonious, and ingenious. The translucent pink crystals are refreshing and refreshing, which is a translucent body. Through the elegant neon light, the coolness of summer is exuded. This jigsaw puzzle is really the best choice for the single-bedroom courtyard and luxurious clubhouse.

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There is a kind of beauty that can stand the precipitation of years [Jade Onyx]

Although nature has a fixed routine in the process of creating jade, it never follows a step-by-step approach. “Choose one from a hundred miles” Fang Chengyu. During the crustal movement, magma melted sedimentary rocks and ore, altered and crystallized at high temperatures, and then precipitated into jade over hundreds of millions of years.

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High-end decorations, the 9 advantages of jade attract the global rich!

In recent years, there has been a phenomenon of “throwing bricks to attract jade” in high-end decoration-instead of ceramic tiles or artificial stone bricks, natural jade is used as decoration materials. As a high-end building material, natural jade is used in China, such as the platinum seven-star Sheraton Moon Hotel in Huzhou, the super-luxury Shanghai Tomson Yipin, and other new and old landmark buildings;