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How to distinguish the superiority and inferiority and authenticity of strange stones?

The pros and cons of the stone supply can be measured according to certain evaluation standards. Here, there are not only unified and general standards but also classification standards for similar comparisons of different types and different types of stones. Both the universal standard and the classification standard should include the two major factors of science and art, which are indispensable.


Jade in the stone market The most competitive decorative stone in the high-end market

Jade is the most high-end environmentally friendly home and building material in the stone market. Compared with other materials, it is not only a scarce and non-renewable resource. At the same time, its rich cultural connotation enhances the single aesthetic value of the stone.


The stone protective agent market is moving towards specialization

Among all the businesses of stone maintenance, the threshold for stone cleaning, stone maintenance, and stone renovation is the lowest, and the overlap with adjacent industries is the largest. Therefore, in the future development trend, they will gradually be marginalized by related industries and no longer be stone. The mainstream of the maintenance industry.

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Fu Zhenhui: Future design will develop towards high-end personality

[Reporter]: How long have you been in the design industry? [Fu Zhenhui]: About eight years. After graduation, I basically engaged in the home improvement design industry, having projects in Xiamen and Changsha. At present, it is mainly in the Shenzhen market, focusing on the design of some luxury houses, villas, and high-end customers.

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The high-end stone market has a large space, and the idea of building a high-end stone brand must be clear

The downturn in the real estate market has directly affected the demand for engineering and home furnishings, exerting greater pressure on the production and sales of the stone industry, and slowing down the growth of sales revenue in the stone industry. At the same time, the price of natural gas, the main energy consumed in the production of the stone industry, remains high, and the cost of products continues to rise, which makes it difficult to increase sales prices and restricts the profitability of the stone industry.

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Natural stone creates a romantic and luxurious kitchen

Natural stone meticulously creates a romantic kitchen, which creates a strong sense of warmth and romance and also reveals a little magical color, which arouses people’s endless imagination. The following kitchen decorations are made of natural stone, noble and luxurious. Let us enjoy life in cooking and experience the beauty of life.

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High-end, high-end TV background wall (2)

The design uses dark tones to express the style of the home and emphasizes the texture, gorgeousness, and comfort of the space more. The application of the black series stone background wall makes the whole space appear calm and passionate, stylish and romantic. Being in such an environment will make people feel a force of peace and tranquility.

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You deserve to have such a high-end, high-grade marble!

Marble is a commonly used material in hotel decoration. It exudes a luxurious atmosphere based on its rich texture, modern linear design, light or dark texture. Marble is now not only a decorative material but is more often carved as a work of art by designers. Designers rely on their familiarity with marble materials and advanced technology to create classic hotel cases one after another.

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Without top marble, how can it be called a high-end villa?

Villas, residences, hotels, boutiques, and buildings are inseparable from marble. Marble has become one of the most popular interior design materials nowadays. Its texture is gentle, rich in patterns, and natural and beautiful. The elegant and luxurious style it creates is other The material cannot be compared.