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[No stone, no mansion] Natural marble luxury decoration real case map

As the main background decoration material, natural stone has a soft texture, beautiful and solemn, elegant style, and a variety of colors. From design, color matching, to material selection, according to its characteristics, different overall decorative styles and moods are fully expressed.

marble pillar terraria

Tall stone pillars create a luxurious hotel lobby comparable to a palace

In the hotel’s magnificent and luxurious lobby, two rows of huge square pillars are created by splicing the golden spider and royal coffee up and down, and the pillars are connected by elevators. Therefore, although the three-story square pillars are tall and majestic, they are not domineering.

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Super luxury stone foyer design, classic luxury, condensed the beauty of art

Classical luxury condensed the beauty of art! The European-style design is exquisitely crafted and incorporates a little modern decoration style. The youthful vitality ignites the dull history. The noble and luxurious but alternative fashion. The small hall can also exude a bit of luxurious artistic beauty.

luxury apartments near stone oak

The protagonist of luxury home improvement has always been marble

A marble decorative floor has good effect and durability, but it is indeed a bit expensive, and it is generally used in high-grade luxury decoration. The floor under the marble decoration is shaded by lights, making the space full of more fashionable texture and luxurious style. Therefore, if there is no such top luxury marble, I am embarrassed to say that it is a mansion.

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A villa decorated with marble is luxury

The villa is close to the beautiful Taihu Lake in Wuxi to the east and the twelve peaks of Mashan to the west. There is a wonderful artistic conception of “pine trees falling in the empty mountains”. The design combines local humanities and natural landscapes, takes French style and modern techniques as the mainline of thinking, and cleverly uses modern elements and symbols to bring customers an elegant and noble life experience.

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Luxurious decoration of stone to get local tyrant customers in minutes

Marble is a special kind of building stone, which is deeply loved by people for its natural texture and smooth temperament like a mirror. A marble with a noble appearance is relatively expensive, so it is often used in mansions and villas to set off the magnificent, luxurious and elegant space atmosphere.