european classic furniture sofa

Talk about the style of European classical furniture, pay attention to luxury, romance and taste

Europe, a place that blends romance and luxury, and pays attention to taste and comfort, creates an atmospheric European-style home concept. European-style classical furniture is the favorite of European royal families and nobles, so it occupies an important place in the home furnishing industry.

semi precious attachment abutment

Complex and mysterious 92 square meters of luxurious space with calm atmosphere

Light creates shadows, shadows form rows, and the combination of light and shadow is interlaced, even if the ordinary space is composed, it can also present a variety of forms and spatial levels. In the homeworld, the collision of light and shadow gives the room a more vivid and changeable charm. The combination of the two can create or destroy a space. The spatial code of light and shadow structure is complex and mysterious.

stones like slabs

High-end luxury decoration stone appreciation of foreign characteristic slabs

Natural characteristic stone is colorful, colorful, peculiar in texture, rich in connotation, and unique charm. It is an indispensable material for high-end decoration, and the characteristic stone is distinguished and precious with its unique semi-precious stones and quartzite materials.

zucchi luxury stone

Buenos Aires Luxury villas combining natural stone and wood

Located in Argentina, this house in Buenos Aires is very interesting. The facade of the entire building is made of natural materials, such as large stones, and wood. It is composed of load-bearing walls and steel frame structures, making the garden More open. The material used for the load-bearing wall is mainly stone, which can play better isolation and waterproof effect.