limestone soapstone onyx travertine tiles

High-end decorations, the 9 advantages of jade attract the global rich!

In recent years, there has been a phenomenon of “throwing bricks to attract jade” in high-end decoration-instead of ceramic tiles or artificial stone bricks, natural jade is used as decoration materials. As a high-end building material, natural jade is used in China, such as the platinum seven-star Sheraton Moon Hotel in Huzhou, the super-luxury Shanghai Tomson Yipin, and other new and old landmark buildings;

marble limestone soapstone onyx travertine

Luxury outdoor decoration is popular, green stone becomes the new favorite

As the economy develops and the pace of urban construction accelerates, people’s art appreciation level and taste have also improved. Therefore, the requirements for choosing exterior wall decoration materials are getting higher and higher. Energy-saving, environmental protection, low carbon, and green have become A trend of the times.