luxury stone slab

What is the most popular type of luxury stone?

“Luxury stone”, also known as “stone luxury”, the concept of luxury stone in a narrow sense refers to high-end and rare stones. In a broad sense, it refers to architectural decorative materials mainly made of precious stones such as fine jade and natural gems. High-end rare stone is characterized by rarity, unique natural, colorful lines, high processing difficulty, and difficult to imitating.

Natural luxury stone decoration | Unique beauty, the most natural luxury

Luxurious stone is different from commonly used granite and marble, it mainly refers to natural quartz or semi-precious stones, crystal and agate, and other characteristic stones with special colors and textures. For example sapphire, onyx, amazon green, malachite, fish maw white, etc. The treasures that have fallen into the mortal world are the most natural luxury stones. The bigger ones are extravagant. The unique texture and color that cannot be replicated make the spacing effect extremely beautiful. Each luxury stone has a unique beauty and luxury.