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As a natural luxury stone, how is it different from marble?

At present, the application of stone is more and more common, and stone decoration is a trend-leading fashion, especially marble and luxury stone, all of which show high-end style and taste, and are favored by consumers. And what is the difference between luxury stone and marble, as a user how to choose luxury stone?

luxury yellowstone

Ingenious layout and marble decoration of single-family villas

The decoration style occupies an important position in the room decoration, and similarly, the layout of the room must be well thought out. Today, we will take a look at the ingenious layout and stone decoration of single-family villas. The ground shows the peculiar texture of stone, and the black-framed door unconsciously reveals a little retro taste. The ingenious design of the crystal art lamp and the originally imported chandeliers highlights the owner’s taste and extraordinary status. The shoe cabinet is hidden in the shoe room so that the entrance can present the atmosphere of a small art gallery.