zucchi luxury stone

There is a new solution to the use of full-facade stone in the wealthy villa

The decoration style occupies an important position in the room decoration, and similarly, the layout of the room must be well thought out. Today, we will take a look at the ingenious layout and stone decoration of single-family villas. The ground shows the peculiar texture of stone, and the black-framed door unconsciously reveals a little retro taste. The ingenious design of the crystal art lamp and the originally imported chandeliers highlights the owner’s taste and extraordinary status. The shoe cabinet is hidden in the shoe room so that the entrance can present the atmosphere of a small art gallery.

semi precious crystals

Featured stone application reference case appreciation

Featured stone is a new type of stone that has appeared in the stone industry in the near future. It is different from conventional types. Featured stone is mainly made of precious and rare semi-precious stones and quartz stones. The colors are colorful and the textures are novel and unique. It is mainly aimed at high-end and individuality. Renovation.

zucchi luxury stone

Buenos Aires Luxury villas combining natural stone and wood

Located in Argentina, this house in Buenos Aires is very interesting. The facade of the entire building is made of natural materials, such as large stones, and wood. It is composed of load-bearing walls and steel frame structures, making the garden More open. The material used for the load-bearing wall is mainly stone, which can play better isolation and waterproof effect.