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For a villa with hundreds of millions of dollars, 20 million was spent on stone alone

The magnificent, elegant and exquisite, encircling butterfly stairs, cooperating bronze gilded railings, large-area carved patterns, cooperating royal blue laser top surface, gives the impression of a shocking eight-star residence from the beginning. A collection of priceless treasures of flowers on the ground with stone patterns and patterns, the slenderness reveals the rich and beautiful years of life. Complicated shapes and sophisticated craftsmanship, precious materials and accessories, create the ultimate luxury effect. The representative language of the super-mansion is vast, luxurious, densely packed Roman columns, and Arabic-style elements, creating a noble experience that cannot be imitated. The oversized fireplace stained glass is embellished with beautiful lines, smooth and domineering to show the extreme demands of life. The straight-line texture stone gives people a refreshing and powerful feeling. The background of the large aquarium makes the whole space lively and beautiful.

quartzite and quartz

“Avatar” found in natural semi-precious stones

With the popularity of Avatar movies, people are full of yearning for the planet Pandora. Its 900-foot tall towering trees, dotted mountains floating in the sky, colorful dense rain forests full of strange plants, and various animals and plants at night Light. It’s like a fantasy garden in a dream. Avatar means the incarnation of the gods who descended to the world, and it can be understood as “incarnation” in popular meaning.