semi precious stones list

Natural marble, the best choice for luxury homes

Natural pattern (non-renewable, non-reproducible), natural luster (presenting natural luster), natural texture, high plasticity, and can be processed in any shape; the long geological diagenesis process creates different patterns of marble, some of these patterns It resembles “water waves flowing”, and some resembles “clouds and sky connected”, “smoke waves”, “stormy waves”…

semi precious attachment abutment

Complex and mysterious 92 square meters of luxurious space with calm atmosphere

Light creates shadows, shadows form rows, and the combination of light and shadow is interlaced, even if the ordinary space is composed, it can also present a variety of forms and spatial levels. In the homeworld, the collision of light and shadow gives the room a more vivid and changeable charm. The combination of the two can create or destroy a space. The spatial code of light and shadow structure is complex and mysterious.