semi precious blue stones

Single-family villa design|From the inside to the outside|Full of luxurious style

This is a Tuscan-style beach house located in South Carolina, USA, built by American interior design company Denise Stringer. The unobstructed exterior view from the entrance of the villa takes you back to the leisurely and slow-paced lifestyle of Italy. The warm weather and delicious food seem to be right in front of your eyes. Tuscan architecture is representative of Italian architecture. It reminds people of hillsides, farms, vineyards, and simple and affluent pastoral life in the sun.

semi precious dark blue stone

The perfect texture of marble and low-key luxury | Famous fashion brand GIADA Milan store

Giada’s Milan Montenapoleone store was designed by architect Claudio Silvestrin. In the design of the store, the designer used a large amount of Italian natural marble to express GIADA’s low-key and luxurious style, and the perfect texture is reflected in the simplicity.